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From small acorns....

We have always been intrigued by Miniature Horses and plucked up the courage to purchase our first one in 2009 with the very intention of  him mowing my lawn, which is on a slight gradient. Of course, I soon realised the depth of character piled into such a small creature and decided he required a friend!

The rest is history..... so they say!

We fell in love!

I started going to a few events and meeting like minded people, soon I knew I really didn't want just a lawn mower, I wanted a show horse. I wanted beauty, long necks, straight movement, big eyes and attitude!

My first real purchase, I still have him, Talkland After Dark Spirit, a 33" black pinto AMHA Stallion. I showed him successfully and enjoyed myself those first couple of years, until I had another revelation..... perhaps I didn't actually enjoy the showing part! Maybe breeding the horses and watching someone else show them was more suited to me....

Enter : Hattie

In 2018 I decided I wanted to share the showing and breeding of Model Farm with my close friend Hattie Miller. We very much work in partnership and it is so lovely I now have someone to share this experience with.

Mighty oaks grow....

Miniature Horse or American Shetland?

Our love for miniature horses is strong but we are also taken by the longer legged, snorty nosed, tail flagging American Shetlands which at the time were rarely seen in the UK. 

We decided to purchase an AMHR / ASPC stallion from the USA. 

SMHC Treasured Possession (TP) was everything we could have dreamt of with his small tippy ears, bright big eyes and small frame. After a couple of years showing TP in the UK it was time to find ourselves a mare and slowly put the plans in motion. 

We are now proud to breed Miniature Horses & American Shetlands which are eligible to be registered with AMHA, AMHR, ASPC and also the British Miniature Horse Society (BMHS).

Hattie has the show team consisting of horses that I have both bred and also purchased from the UK, USA and Europe to compete at the top shows in the UK with multiple societies including IMHPS, MHCGB, BMHS, UKAMHS and also non-society specific events. We show the horses as a hobby and having fun is one of the top priorities. Look out for Hattie with the boys and girls around the shows and please do come and say hi.


Hattie also deals with my sales horses and enquiries. Add her on facebook,

We have foals due in 2022 by some of our favourite boys, out of top class producing mares. Some of these combinations are already proven but we have also some new crosses which we so excited for. Some top quality foals will be available, registered with BMHS, AMHA, AMHR or ASPC so please enquire if you have something specific in mind. 

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